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The Virtual Home Buying Process-The Steps to Home Ownership Virtually

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There have been so many changes in the way we do business in 2020 with COVID-19.  One of the changes that I have noticed personally, is that if I can connect virtually to do business and give myself more time with my loved ones and self-care and save time and money it is a win-win situation.  Taking advantage of technology to virtually sign documents and speak virtually via video conference is a real blessing.  Feeling a human connection while on a virtual platform can be challenging but, finding a comfortable space to chat from can be helpful.  The process of buying and selling a home may look a little different than the buying and selling from years past my guess is you have already implemented some or all of these steps along the way.  Home buyers and sellers are seeing the benefits and this way of doing business and it appears that it is here to stay.

Step 1 Virtual Buyer Consultation with Realtor  
This meeting is to get to know each other and clarify wants, needs, urgency, and motivation

Step 2 Virtual Lender Prequalification Meeting
This is a high priority to make sure buyers are prepared to shop for homes that meet their budget and buying power in today's market

Step 3 Property Search and Alerts
After the initial consultation and your budget has been determined, search alerts will be set up so that you are notified about listings that meet your criteria

Step 4 Virtual Showings and Property Viewings
When you have selected homes you are interested in, you can choose the way you want to see the home; virtual tour and photos or personal scheduled showings.

Step 5 Making the Offer to Purchase
The purchase agreement and all documents and disclosures can be signed electronically

Step 6 Earnest Money Deposit
The good faith earnest money deposit can be wired to the title company or picked up in person without contact

Step 7 Home Inspection
Buyer receives a home inspection report with detailed photos and descriptions so you'll have a complete understanding of the property

Step 8 Appraisal 
The lender will order an appraisal of the property

Step 9 Closing Day
A final walkthrough, with proper social distancing, will take place prior to signing the final documents.  You'll receive the keys to your new home.

Welcome Home! 

10 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent


10 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent


A Real Estate agent's prime function is to help guide you through all of your decisions and processes related to the buying or selling of a property.  There are lots of reasons to hire a Real Estate Professional and here are 10 reasons from the long list of why you need to hire one. A real estate agent helps with not just finding the right home for you but also helps:


- Setting appropriate budgets

A realtor can help you set and stay in an appropriate budget while shopping for a new home.  Showing homes in your price range and showing what how to get the most bang for your buck is what Realtors do. Realtors can also point you to qualified finance professionals that they have built a relationship with to help get buyers pre-qualified for a new home.  


- Finding hidden details on homes (both good and bad)

Getting the scoop on  homes is something that Realtors do daily.  Realtors talk.. those that have been in the business for a while remember details  about particular homes and neighborhoods. This valuable information about a home could keep you away from potential problems in the future. 


- Helping out with locating hidden costs (taxes, utilities, etc.)

You never know what cost could be associated with buying or selling.  A Realtor can find costs such as earnest money, property taxes, school taxes and HOA fees.  Maintenance or repair costs might be associated with a property as well. A Realtor being in the know can save you big time and help you when making the best decision on a property.


- Negotiations

Having someone in your corner that negotiates buying and selling homes for a career could be an essential key in making a deal happen.  A seasoned licensed professional can help navigate the challenges that come with real estate transactions. Being more familiar with the buying and selling process can help realtors spot problems that a novice home buyer or seller might miss.  Realtors are also not as emotionally connected as a buyer or seller might be to a property helping to take a more of a neutral view


 - Closing

Going to the closing table is the last step before you get the keys to your new home or selling your home.  Making sure that everything is in place for closing is a large part of a Realtors job. Helping to be prepared at closing another way a Realtor will assist you saving you time and money.


 - Paperwork

Just taking a look at a real estate contract is enough to make your eye twitch.  Then add addendums and disclosures and inspections and the list goes on and your eye twitch can become a feeling of being overwhelmed very quickly.  A huge benefit of hiring a realtor is they know what paperwork must be included in a real estate transaction. Realtors have an organized way of handling all those documents that need to be signed.  Having an organized professional realtor can really take a lot of the stress out of the buying and selling process.


- Marketing your property

Realtors market properties for a living and know what works.  They also have access to the MLS which are private databases that are created, maintained and paid for by real estate professionals to help their clients buy and sell properties.  Access to the MSL alone is a great way to get a property out to brokers and realtors in your area. Match this with a Realtors network of fellow realtors and brokers and that is a recipe for success.  Not to mention all the creative out of the box ways that Realtors are marketing properties. And the best part is you can leave the marketing up to your Realtor. 

- Scheduling showings

Trying to sell a house can take time and scheduling appointments and be time consuming.  Realtors not only can schedule showings and determine if people seeing the property are qualified to buy.  Realtors tend to have hours that allow them to show properties when it is convenient for potential buyers. Taking the stress off sellers having to leave work or make other arrangements to have the ability to show a property.  This can save home owners time and money by having a property available to potential buyers through a real estate agent. 

- Help you find the best mortgage lenders, movers, home inspectors and more

A Realtors list of contacts can be a huge resource for buyers and sellers.  Realtors learn who can get the job done and who they can trust because they work with them on a consistent basis.  Professionals like mortgage lenders and home inspectors rely on referrals from Realtors for part of their business so having happy Realtors is a plus for these businesses.       

-Emotional Support

Of course, a Realtor isn’t going to be your therapist but, having someone guide you through the buying and selling process is one way to feel you are supported.  Having peace of mind that a Realtor is legally bound by law to act in your best interest is also very reassuring. Knowing you have someone on your side is helpful in navigating the process of home buying and selling.


As you can see there are countless reasons to hire a Real Estate Agent.  We at Leading Edge would love to connect you to the perfect Realtor to help you buy or sell your home.  Connect with us today and get moving.



A special THANK YOU to EVERYONE who trusted in my vision and are now a part of our new company Leading Edge Real Estate Group.  We are a month old now and currently have 32 agents with more joining daily. We have over 100 listings and the closings are coming in. Our company website is now up as well as the agents individual sites. I am so blessed to be working with such great people. You all make coming to work a real joy and it has been great getting to know each and everyone of you.

Danny Sullivan
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